v0.9.0 Demo Update

Hello, everyone! It's Derin.

[Too Many Zombies!] updated to v0.9.0.

Thanks to your play and feedback, I was able to make improvements.

Preparations for release are still in progress. So, I have prepared a demo update to show you the progress.

Always appreciate your support. And I will do my best until release.


  • New Upgrades - drum magazine, laser pointer
  • Shows the player connection status on the lobby screen
  • If the slot is full, you can change the blueprint


  • High-grade items are easier to come by
  • The character's dash knocks back enemies
  • The consumption materials of the item have been changed - trap, turret
  • The range of melee weapons has been increased
  • In multiplayer, the player can move out of the camera area


  • Fixed bug with shadows disappearing from the edge of the screen
  • Fixed bug where option settings were not applied
  • Fixed bug where birds to activate mines
  • Fixed bug where the game would not start on second play
  • Fixed bug where the mouse could move off the screen


[v0.9.0_Demo]NonDRM_Win.zip 100 MB
Aug 18, 2021
[v0.9.0_Demo]NonDRM_Mac.zip 103 MB
Aug 18, 2021
[v0.9.0_Demo]NonDRM_Linux.zip 105 MB
Aug 18, 2021

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